There is a lot of confusion as to whether or not an avocado is healthy or not. This is because it contains a lot of fats, and are fats thicker? But it is super healthy! It contains healthy fats that even help you lose weight 🙂

Where does this superfood come from? The fruit grows on the so-called persea americana tree. It originally grew in Central America but can be found everywhere nowadays. Did you already know that it is related to the pear? Avocado is therefore also called lawyer pear.
There are many fats in the fruit, but just the healthy ones! Healthy fats are simple and unsaturated fats. They keep your blood sugar levels in balance and give your energy a boost right away.

In addition, avocado fills a lot, which is very handy, so you stay away from those sugar snacks! You are saturated for a longer time and it reduces your hunger feeling. By putting it in your smoothie for breakfast, that is a good move for an energetic day!

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Good for your health

The fruit is good for your health, very good indeed, it is therefore often eaten to lose weight. Because it regulates your blood sugar level, you have fewer problems with (fr) binge eating or afternoon dips. Afternoon dips arise when you eat a lot of sugar and then no longer. Avocado also contains many vitamins and minerals, potassium, vitamins A, B, C and E.

It also has good health effects:

Protects against eye diseases
Helps absorb nutrients from other foods
Good for the health of your heart
Helps prevent rheumatism
Protects against liver damage
Accelerates your metabolism
Lose weight with avocado

Due to the confusion of the many (healthy) fats in an avocado, few people know that you can lose weight in the long term by eating the fruit regularly. Even though it contains a lot of calories, it gives you a feeling of fullness and reduces your hunger feeling / appetite and you have less trouble with snacking behavior. According to a study, the group eating avocados at meals was more saturated and had no hunger for a longer period of time, unlike the group that did not eat avocados at meals. That means that you will eat fewer calories and that avocado is a perfect ingredient for a diet! The fibers will also make you lose weight faster.

Avocado in dishes

There are many different types. Green skin or just (dark) purple, smooth or rough skin, round or pear-shaped, you name it. But the most famous avocado that most people use is the Hass avocado. This is the avocado of dark color and is pear-shaped.

But How Much Do You Peel?

It will take some getting used to, because it is not as easy as a kiwi for example. First you have to cut it in half, but watch out for the pit in the middle. Once you’ve cut it, try to separate the halves by making rotational movements in the opposite direction. Then remove the kernel. Finally, try peeling the skin with your fingers. You can also spoon out the green flesh, but make sure you also take the flesh right under the skin, there are often the most vitamins!

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